WHEN: September 19th/20th/21st 2003

WHERE: Mogo, Hot fire training facility 10mins south of Batemans Bay

ACCOMODATION: Coachhouse Marina Resort 49 Beach Road, Batemans Bay

REASON: To maintain competency in the operation of BA equipment in a hot fire environment. To conform to BA SOP "three monthly competency training".

LEARNING OUTCOME: Show competency using CABA in a hot fire environment Eg. Entry Techniques, Search and Rescue, Fire behaviour and extinguishment, Salvage and Overhaul.

RESOURCES REQUIRED: Grays Point 1A, Grays Point PC, Support Trailer or approx 12 spare cylinders and 2 additional BA sets

PPE REQUIREMENTS: Structural Helmet/Jacket/Overpants/Gloves/Boots, Flash hood, Proban Trousers.


BA OPERATORS: John Dimasi, Phil Brown, Craig Mulley, Stephen Brown, Scott Deller, John Lawler. (Grays Point)

OFFICERS: Wayne Roberts, Ian Kemp (TBC)

FIREFIGHTERS: Lisa Brown, Craig Byrne, Chris Roberts, James Moses, Ryan Male

SAFETY OFFICER: Scott McNamara (Engadine)

CONTACT DETAILS: Scott Deller 0419545583

                                        Grays Point 1A/PC 0417400697/0409100034

                                        Eurobodalla FCC (02) 44742855

Batemans Bay Hospital (02) 44724504